COVID-19 Update: Jan. 24, 2024

COVID-19 Update: Jan. 24, 2024

Dear residents, staff, family, service providers, volunteers and community,

We want to thank you for your patience and cooperation during the past year. I also want to let you know that we are currently experiencing a COVID-19 outbreak. I am requesting your continued support and compliance with masking, hand hygiene, social distancing and boosting. Please encourage your loved ones to keep a mask covering both nose and mouth, using alcohol-based sanitizers mounted in our hallways and using soap and water to wash hands. If you are sick or have been around somebody who is sick please do not visit or come to work. Residents should please not visit each other and stay in their rooms as we try to overcome this outbreak. Flu vaccination is now available in pharmacies and doctors’ offices. Together we can keep respiratory illness away from all of us. Remain safe. Thank you.

Veronica Onwunaka
New Community Extended Care Facility


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