Extended Care Helps Patient Return Home After Infection

Extended Care Helps Patient Return Home After Infection

Evone Wooten received short-term rehabilitation and intravenous antibiotics at New Community Extended Care Facility after developing an infection following surgery.

Following a full knee replacement, Newark native Evone Wooten developed an infection that required short-term rehabilitation and intravenous antibiotics. She chose to receive those services at New Community Extended Care Facility, 266 South Orange Ave., Newark, and is very pleased with that decision. After less than two months of care, Wooten was discharged and able to return home.

Wooten underwent full knee replacement surgery in December. When she had the stitches removed, she said there was a hole that got progressively bigger. She started having pain in her leg and went to the emergency room. After trying oral antibiotics and topical antiseptics, Wooten had to have her knee cleaned out and two types of bacteria were found.

Her doctor ordered six weeks of intravenous antibiotics, which had to be performed in a medical facility. Wooten chose New Community Extended Care because of its proximity to her home and her loved ones so they could visit.

Her experience at Extended Care was very positive.

“Everybody’s treated me so nice and made me feel at home,” Wooten said. “Anything I needed, they were there for me.”

In addition to intravenous antibiotics, Wooten also underwent physical therapy to assist in her recovery. She was discharged on April 15.

Although her stay was relatively short, Wooten attended building activities, including Friday Dining which includes music. She also had the opportunity to participate in the blessing of the Extended Care chapel, a mass led by Cardinal Joseph Tobin. Wooten sang a solo during the mass.

“I enjoyed it when the Cardinal came,” she said. “That was really exciting.”

Extended Care Administrator Veronica Onwunaka calls Wooten “the lady with the golden voice” who lifts everyone’s spirits.

“When she sings, she brings this spirit of calmness,” Onwunaka said. “She has a unique way of making your day very bright even when you’re having a rough time.”

Wooten would recommend Extended Care to others in need of short-term rehabilitation.

“I know they treated me nice,” she said. “And all the residents I’ve seen, they were nice and cheerful.”


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